About me

I’m Simone Ricucci and I help entrepreneurs and freelancers to build a web strategy tailored to their business and worthy of being called “profitable”.

My passion is my job, my vocation is my mission: to be a support for small and medium-sized companies aware that an online identity is essential to make their business explode.

Someone called me a “multi-potential” and I’m proud of that. Being able to use multiple tools, to create websites via multiple platforms, to create advertisements via simultaneous online channels allows me to create specific strategies. I constantly study and update myself to learn more about new technologies and software.

I have worked with dozens of Italian and foreign companies and I have participated, as a Mentor, in the European Innovation Academy – an internationally recognized organization – which includes professionals from partner universities and world-class companies such as UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Google, Amadeus, IBM, CA and many others.

In 2018 I received a double Forbes award dedicated to the top 30 international professionals in the Internet and E-Commerce industry.

My Mission?

Helping you innovate your business and find new customers through the web.

Seeing a project come to life, grow, improve and evolve is a constant satisfaction for me. I realised that I wanted to feel this kind of fulfilment in 2015 when, during the economic crisis (post-2009 subprime mortgage crisis), a small neighbourhood retail shop entrusted me with a few hundred euros to invest in web advertising: “Either I restart or I close down” – the owner told me.

How I work and what can I do for you?

I analyse your situation and your business and develop a web strategy specifically tailor-made to your needs. From the creation of an ad-hoc website to the creation of your E-Commerce, from the conception of a specific web marketing to sponsorship through the social networks, from promoting your local business to direct sales using Marketplace: I explain things without tecnicisms and help you concretely to achieve your goals.

My Vision?

I created the first web agency totally remotely with a team of experienced collaborators in specific professional fields ready to work together following a single goal: helping small and medium-sized businesses expand and thrive through the Web.